Welcome to MyLSN.info. MyLSN takes data from LawSchoolNumbers with the goal of presenting it in various formats that make it more easily understood.

Please remember that the data on this website is self-reported by users. As a result, there are inaccuracies, both intentional and accidental. Also, the data is very likely to be unrepresentative. For example, the median application in MyLSN’s database has an LSAT score of 164, in sharp contrast to the overall median of about 151. The applications in the database might also significantly differ from those of the general population in non-numerical measures (“softs”). Nonetheless, the information is useful, provided that you only take it for what it’s worth.

MyLSN does not show you your chances of admission at a particular school. MyLSN only shows you how many applications in our database have self-reported success and failure in gaining admission to any given law school. As a result, you might very well be accepted to every school that this website returns a “0%” acceptance rate for, and you might be rejected at every school that this website returns a 100% acceptance rate for.

One final, but very important, note: most of the information on this website is aggregate data from LawSchoolNumbers.com. One way to reduce the shortcomings noted above is to increase the sample size. Therefore, please visit and create an account on LSN in order to contribute to our store of knowledge and benefit future users. In the future, I may restrict access to certain features on this website to individuals with active accounts on LSN.

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