Welcome to MyLSN.info. MyLSN helps the legal community, including law school applicants, law school students, and lawyers, better understand the law school admission process.

Most of the information available on MyLSN is curated from LawSchoolNumbers (LSN). This means that the information is self-reported, and is based on a small portion of the actual applicant pool. Strictly speaking, then, MyLSN does not show you your chances of admission at a school, but only the self-reported status of applications in our database. In other words, you might very well be accepted to every school that this website returns a “0%” acceptance rate for, and you might be rejected at every school that this website returns a 100% acceptance rate for.

To help improve the data set, don’t forget to create an account and update your information onĀ LawSchoolNumbers.com.

Please be advised that MyLSN is no longer actively updated. You may wish to consider supplementing your use of this website with other law school admissions websites such as lawschooldata.